This Is Why Americans Are Wanting To Vote For Harambe…

With the American elections being held on Tuesday, many people around the USA are understandably concerned about who to vote for. With Hillary Clinton’s Syria no-fly zone possibly resulting in WW3, and Donald Trump being one of the most unpredictable Politicians, the choice is certainly hard.

Due to the tough circumstances, many people are proposing the idea of a third candidate. I introduce to you our fallen hero, Harambe.



In a recent poll, 5% of Americans said that they would rather choose the Gorilla over Trump and Clinton. This puts Harambe above Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson (4%).

According to Public Policy Polling, people said that Harambe would do a lot less damage to the country than the other candidates.

Would you want Harambe to be on the ballot?

In other news, Donald Trump’s official Facebook page has setup a brilliant automatic reply. Therefore, we decided to message him in order to get his thoughts on the subject.

Image: Me

Image: Me

As the election draws to a close, we will keep you updated with the latest news. As for Hillary Clinton, you can’t even message her page. What a prick.

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