This Lad May Have Overtaken Eminem To Become The World’s Quickest Rapper

After Eminem was officially crowned The World’s Fastest Rapper, it seems as if a guy from Brighton has now beaten Slim Shady.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Ocean Wisdom has knocked “Rap God” from the no1 spot. After rapping 932 words into a 3 minute 47 second song, his new World Record is currently being verified by Guinness.

When working out the speed of Eminem’s Rap God, Guinness deducted the intro to calculate the average “words per second”, which resulted in 4.31wps.

When this method was applied to Ocean, this resulted in 4.45wps. So it seems as if Ocean Wisdom has achieved the record for World’s Fastest Rapper.

Well done lad.

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