This Lad Renamed Trump Tower To “Dump Tower” On Google Maps…

Hahaha, the Wall Of Comedy Award for “Lad of the week” is going to this guy.

Someone decided to rename Trump Tower on Google Maps. Fair play to him, after all, the new name certainly describes the President Elect’s personality. Where’s the poo emoji when I need it? ugh.

If you’re a British person reading this article, then you will probably be aware that “Trump” is another name for a fart. So basically, he’s always talking sh*t. No surprises there then.

The identity of the hacker is currently unknown. However, I’m pretty sure that Hillary Clinton has a really smirk grin on her face right now. I don’t blame her.

Unfortunately, Google noticed the hack, and have since changed it back to Trump Tower”. What a shame. What an awful shame.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

Hahaha, brilliant!

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