This Politician Embarrassed Himself By Accidentally Blasting Out NWA During A Meeting…

“F*ck Da Police” isn’t what you would expect the Lib Dem leader to listen to. But unfortunately for Tim Farron, the NWA classic managed to land him in a bit of trouble recently.

During a meeting in his office with the head of his local NHS, the song started randomly playing at full volume. Unsurprisingly, the person attending the meeting was very unimpressed with Tim’s music taste.

Image: Rolling Stone

Image: Rolling Stone

Later that day, Farron admitted that his children had changed his ringtone to “f*ck da police” whilst he wasn’t looking at his phone.

During the Lim Dem party conference, he gave his thoughts on the incident:

 “[The album] is deservedly considered a classic, but it’s a bit sweary.”

Tim continued to say:

“I downloaded the album to my phone but my kids had been mucking about with my phone one morning, and apparently linked my ring tone with my iTunes. And so later that day, there I was in my office in Kendal meeting with the chief executive of the local NHS trust, when my phone went off and we were all treated to a quick burst of ‘eff the police’.
“Which was lovely. Almost a pity I wasn’t due to meet the chief constable until later that afternoon.”

At the end of his speech, he did confirm that he respected the police, and will be changing his ringtone at some point in the near future.

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