This Reason Why Olly Murs Is Constantly Posting Dick Pics Is Brilliant…

It seems as if Olly is seriously trying to stay relevant with all the other celebrities…

Most known for being a runner up on the X Factor, and being a TV presenter, Olly Murs has decided to post several almost-naked photos to his Twitter feed. After declaring himself a naturist on Lorraine, many of his fans were eager to see the photos.

After Justin Bieber’s relatively small Penis made it into the news, it was about time that a British star gained a bit of “dick pic fame.”

As he covered himself with a spiky pineapple, a lot of Twitter have responded to his pictures by posting “Cocktail jokes”:

After several celebrities recently leaked sex tapes & dick pics, we will never find out how Olly measures up against Bieber or Kanye.

I gotta admit, these photos are pretty creative. Maybe if he put the effort into his music career that he did with these photos, he will actually get another number one single instead of just being a TV Presenter…

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