This Rio Student Shared Intimate Photos In Bed With Usain Bolt…

According to several media reports, a Brazilian student who slept with Usain Bolt is “dying of shame” after photos of their night together have gone viral. Whoops…

Jady Duarte, aged 20, shared multiple photos of the pair kissing and cuddling up to each other whilst in bed. As Bolt has a long-term girlfriend, I can only imagine that this can’t end well.

Image: WhatsApp

Image: WhatsApp

Within the images, the pair seem to be having intimate moments with each other. The Jamaican sprinter who turned 30 yesterday has been partying in Brazilian nightclubs for the majority of the evening.

According to Duarte, she had absolutely no idea who Bolt was:

“He sent a security guard to call me over. We spoke quickly. But at that moment I didn’t know it was him, because there were many Jamaicans who looked similar.”

Image: WhatsApp

Image: WhatsApp

After achieving an impressive 3 gold medals during the Olympic games, it’s understandable that he would want to chill out after weeks of hard work and preparation. After details of this encounter emerged, Bolt’s sister revealed that he was actually dating a 26 year old named Kasi Bennett.

Due to this event, Bolt decided to leave Rio early- and completely missed the closing ceremony of the games. As he was in the departure lounge at Rio airport, he tweeted in Portuguese:

“We came, we saw, we conquered. Rio, I have endless love for you.”


The sprinter is now believed to retire from the Olympics as he is becoming an ambassador within athletics, and has also signed a deal with nike which is estimated at £30m a year. Not bad.

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