This Student Landed An Impossible Trickshot To Save Classmates From An Exam…

I am utterly speechless right now.

What would you do in order to save your classmates from an exam? Maybe strike a long conversation with your teacher to keep them distracted? Press the fire bell? Or to organise a massive student walk-out because exams are pointless?

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

No matter what your method is, I think it’s fairly safe to say that a lot of people would do almost anything to escape a test. After all, they’re absolutely dreadful and boring. So when an opportunity arose for an Ohio student to escape himself and his classmates from a massive exam, he took charge and led his peers to victory.

During a chemistry class, the student made a deal with his teacher about the terms of the test: If he could land a 1 in a million trickshot, there would be no exam. Of course, he did it perfectly. Well done lad.

I must admit, this is absolutely brilliant. With a lot of people going “back to school” tomorrow, I can only imagine that this will provide some inspiration for evading those horrible exams.

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