This Tortoise Had So Much Sex That He Saved His Entire Species…

What a lad. Fair play to him.

Over the past few years, Diego the giant tortoise has been extremely with the girls. After fathering over 800 offspring, I think that Jeremy Kyle will need to intervene when the kids ask who their dad is.

Due to his heightened sexual activity, Diego managed to save his entire species from extinction. After being taken to the Galapagos Islands 50 years ago in the hope that he would breed, the giant tortoise managed to play “hide the sausage” with loads of ladies. Player.

Image: Metro

Image: Metro

As there was just 12 female tortoises on the island originally, it was a tough job to find them all. However, he has now managed to repopulate the whole island with lots of baby tortoises. A preservation specialist at Galapagos National Park said:

“We did a genetic study and we discovered that he was the father of nearly 40% of the offspring released into the wild on Espanola.”

Image: Metro

Image: Metro

In total, 2,000 baby tortoises have been released onto the Island. Well done Diego, we are proud of you.

Impressive work.

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