Thousands Of People Vote For Harambe As Their Next President…

After Donald Trump was elected as the next President Of The United States, many people on social media went into an absolute sh*tstorm over what would happen in the next few years. With Hillary Clinton accepting defeat to the Billionaire Republican, it seemed as if they were the main candidates for the Presidency throughout the campaign.

Image: The Guardian

Image: The Guardian

But many people turned out in high numbers during election day to vote for a third party candidate. Was it Gary Johnson? No. Was it Jill Stein? Nope. According to multiple media reports, over 15,000 people voted Harambe to become the next POTUS. Rest In Peace.

Of course, the American’s thought it would be a brilliant idea to vote for our fallen hero- simply because they believed Trump would lose. Who’s laughing now? So it was understandable that millions of people were extremely shocked this morning when he surpassed the number of votes needed to become the commander in chief of the USA.

Image: The Daily Dot

Image: The Daily Dot

I gotta admit, a similar thing happened to us Brits with Brexit. With the majority of us voting leave just “for a joke”, the whole country went into meltdown after the result of the referendum was announced. At least we don’t have a dead Gorilla sitting in the Oval Office though.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

RIP America.

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