“Tic Tac Head” Has Just Made A Surprising New Friend…

For those of you who are unaware of Callum’s Corner, it is a YouTube channel which some guy gives martial arts tutorials, Primark shopping advice, and angry rants. But a couple of months ago, he soared to internet fame when people claimed that he looked like a Tic-Tac.

If you are wondering what the resemblance is, this photo should explain it:

Image: The Wall Of Comedy

Image: The Wall Of Comedy

Anyway, Callum’s Corner managed to get in touch with Stormzy. To be fair, the pair seem to be getting on pretty well:

Anyway, Callum seems to have taken this Tweet very literally, and now believes that the pair are best mates. Oh well, if it makes him happy, then good on him I guess.

However, Twitter wants the duo to collab on a track:

You can check out the video here:

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