Tic Tac Head Reveals How He Lost His Virginity…

Lads, most of us have been through the event of loosing our virginity. It’s one of those amazing events in your life that you will wanna remember until the day you die. Alternatively, you might wanna forget that tragic moment instantly.

It’s time for a life lesson from The Wall Of Comedy (aka me, Matt). A week ago, Callum’s Corner (Tic Tac Head) uploaded a video of how he lost his virginity. The story is truly inspirational. If you are unsure why he is called “Tic Tac Head”, this picture explains everything.

Image: The Wall Of Comedy

Image: The Wall Of Comedy

Anyway, he gave some advice for all you lads. In the video, Callum says:

“It was new years eve, and I was intimidated cause she had sex before- and I hadn’t. And we were in a park”.

What a lovely location to lose it mate. Please, tell us more…

“Premature ejaculation- it was over very quickly. I didn’t want to admit that to her. But it did feel awesome. Nothing can prepare you for that feeling”.

And on that note, I would like to show you the whole video. Enjoy.

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