To Celebrate Karl Pilkington’s Birthday, Here’s Some Of The Best Things He’s Said…

Most known for being the star of “An Idiot Abroad”, Karl Pilkington turns 44 today. As he has been really funny on our tv screens, we thought that it would be great to celebrate his birthday with a few of his most memorable moments.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

If you cast your mind back to series one, Karl went and visited the Great Wall Of China. As it was heavily restored over the 50s and 80s, he was fairly disappointed. Karl said:

 “I thought I’d seen the Great Wall of China. But to be honest with you it’s only alright. It’s the All Alright Wall of China.”

He said this just a few seconds after the producers told him that they wanted him to travel the length of the wall (over 5,500 miles). That’s a long way.

Image: TV Guide

Image: TV Guide

Of course, his epic rants on the phone to Ricky Gervais were absolutely brilliant. Here’s my personal favourite:

“Listen, I’m stuck here like some c*nt on the front of a boat. It’s going dark, I’ve been on it for Christ knows how fucking long, it’s doing my fucking head in. This is fucking ridiculous. I’m here with a coat over me eating Fisherman’s Friends and I fucking feel…. Urgh! See you later.”

Happy Birthday lad.

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