Transgender Dad leaves Family to live as a six-year-old girl

Has adulthood ever hit you so hard that you thought if only you were a kid again?

Look at that Make Over


That’s right girl, WORK IT!

Well, a Canadian transgender dad left his wife and seven children to start a new life as a six-year-old girl.

Stefonknee Wolschtt, 46, had been married for 23 years until he ran away like a little girl because he wanted to be a little girl.

Stef did a runner and now lives with an adopted family because he doesn’t “want to be an adult right now”. Who knew being an adult was a choice?

For obvious reasons, his wife couldn’t accept him as a six-year-old girl and told him to “stop being trans or leave”.

He says to “stop being trans” isn’t something he could do. Meanwhile leaving behind seven kids to act as a six-year-old is something he seemingly had no problem doing.

Understandably enough, his family wanted nothing more to do with him. So he moved in with his new parents, who are “totally comfortable” with him being a little girl.

His parents’ granddaughter wanted a little sister and said Stefonknee should be younger than her – because adopting an actual six-year-old is too much effort.

Stef and his “big sister” have a great time doing kid’s stuff, like colouring in while his seven kids are left to wonder when daddy’s coming home.

Stefonknee with her new happy foster family

Stefonknee with her new happy family

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