Tyson Fury May Be Stripped Of His Title Belts Due To Positive Drugs Test…

Earlier today, it was revealed to the media that Tyson Fury had tested positive for cocaine, and may be stripped of his title belts.

As previously reported, the boxer had to pull out of a fight with Klitschko after he was declared “medically unfit”. However, it is now understood that he tested positive for Cocaine last week.

Image: The Independent

Image: The Independent

Although he has never properly admitted to drug usage, he did hint at it when discussing depression last year:

“It’s either high or low. I’m either off my head on cocaine or down on the floor from a tranquilliser injection. Most of the time, I’m just down and depressed like today, because for every high there’s a low.”

If he feels as if the drug test was inaccurate, Fury is allowed to request for his samples to be tested again. However, this will be at his own expense.

Twitter certainly had a lot to say:

This could get interesting. I’ll keep you updated as the story develops over the coming days.

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