Viewers In Shock After BBC Breakfast Host Orangutan As Guest…

This has gotta be one of the weirdest moments ever to grace television history.

The new BBC Program Spy In The Wild is shown at 8pm on Thursday nights. Featuring lifelike robotic animals, the show allows viewers to experience what life is actually like in the animal kingdom (via a hidden camera).

Here’s what happened when the BBC invited one of the robots onto a live broadcast:

The animal, named Biruti, quietly sat on the sofa as the presented explained the basics of animatronics to the viewers. During the broadcast, Charlie said:

“It is quite extraordinary. Inside Biruti’s eyes is a camera. So he can see and record everything around him. It gives a unique insight into the wildlife there.”

On the TV show, animals are placed in the wild to observe the natural behaviour of the animal kingdom. eg. An Otter is put in the water near several other otters.

They are there to observe the animals in the wild, but they also interact with the creatures. Mostly, the wild animals accept them, but some of them can tell that they’re not exactly as they seem.

You can catch Spies in the wild tonight on BBC1.


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