What This Man Did In A Supermarket Is Absolutely Vile…

A man was recently caught in a supermarket taking a dump, and wiping his ass with toilet paper that was freshly picked from the shelf.

After taking care of business, the Russian man proceeded to throw the dirty tissue under some merchandise, and got some liquid soap for his hands. I gotta give him some credit though- at least he was hygienic enough to wash his hands.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

During the footage that was filmed in Tyumen (Russia), the video shows two lumps of sh*t falling out onto the supermarket floor.

It is reported that several customers complained to staff that the man smelled terrible. He is now on the run from Police and is facing several charges.

One person who shared the video said:

‘Seriously the man come to a supermarket to do the shopping and decided to poop, why not?! He wiped his ass as if nothing happened. This is just crazy!!’

Oh well, shit happens.

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