White House Mistake PM For Pornstar In Embarrassing F*ck Up…


This certainly brings a new meaning to the “special relationship” that the UK has with the USA.

Now that President Trump is in the White House, many people believe that the relationship will be a lot more hardcore. After all, that’s what the White House memo’s are saying.

President Trump was due to meet British PM Theresa May soon for a meeting about the relationship & trade between the UK & USA. But unfortunately for the pair, the White House f*cked up and basically invited British Pornstar Teresa May for a meeting. Next time, get your spelling right.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

In a recent series of leaked memos from Washington, details about their meeting emerged. Most embarrassingly, staffers from the Office of the Press Secretary repeatedly spelled the Prime Minister’s name wrong. Whoops.

Instead of writing Theresa May, they forgot the H. I guess it’s an easy mistake to make… right?

Although the original notes have now been amended, the misspelt version has been leaked to every part of the internet. I guess that I’m really not helping get rid of this mess. What a shame.



Images: The White House

The British PM recently admitted to not getting much sleep due to the Brexit plans. But during all this politics, Teresa May has been busy starring in Exterminator City, Tit Raider, Shag, Gobble, and Spunk, and Suck Off.

It’s gonna be one interesting year!

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