Who Is The Chicken Connoisseur?

So the last couple of weeks have been slightly peculiar for poultry lovers, especially in the ‘social media world’ and now … I am utterly flabbergasted to say that a viral exposure of  ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ has resulted in full exposure on the ITV National News too! Well bloody hell and and call me Jimmy!

23 year old (yeah right! What’s your secret – Oil of Olay?) Elijah Quashie has shot to over night fame as a food critic for da mandem who also love to eat chicken!

IMAGE: chicken connoisseur - Twitter

IMAGE: chicken connoisseur – Twitter

His online show titled ‘The Pengest Munch’ shows Quashie taking himself to various chicken shops in London where he tastes the aromatic flavors of the chicken with us watching! Cheers Mate – that’s great!

He then gives a full blown critique on the food, whilst using words like ‘consistency’ and ‘bare gook’! Such a wide range of vocabulary! But nevertheless, we love this cheeky chicken connoisseur and his chubby cheeks – You’re a cool dude Quashie!

But the video that exploded online and went viral within minutes was made at ‘Chick King’ in Tottenham, North London, where Quashie soon became the King of Chicken when he hit 100,000 views on his Youtube channel. Boom, brap brap and big up yourself – Man like Quashie!


The ‘Chick King’ review was so on point with social media that Quashie made his debut on ITV National news on Tuesday night – and he couldn’t look happier!

IMAGE: chicken connoisseur on Twitter

IMAGE: chicken connoisseur on Twitter

So the question that everyone wanted to know was … how old is this bredda?

Well when the ‘Chick Con’ was asked by the news anchor, he wouldn’t disclose the information and told her it was now ‘confidential information’. This little dude really is trying to confuse us .. hmmmmm!

The anchor persisted to ask Quashie about his school days – to try and get his truthful age I am assuming – but not even this pressured the chicken critique, when he responded in the past tense about his school years! So don’t worry girls – I think we can say that Chicken Connoisseur is over the legal age…..

Tell us your favorite Chicken shop in the comments – you never know – it might be one that Chicken Connoisseur hasn’t found yet!






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