Wife Used Husband’s Sock as Tanning Mitt!

I feel like I need to start this post by mentioning that socks should never be used for reasons other than items of clothing to put on your feet. My flat mate clearly didn’t think so. Oh well, you learn something new everyday…Shame it was that socks can shatter when dropped.


We all ‘borrow’ the odd bit of clothing every now and again, but what this lad, Michael’s, missus did was unorthodox to say the least…and has probably become the inspiration for numerous pranks to come.

Michael got up for work, as you do, put on his socks, as you do….but when he came back, he noticed something extremely odd and a bit worrying. His foot was BLACK.


However, he decided that this would be a problem for future Michael:

“I’d fallen asleep not really giving it a second thought… well, that was until I woke up”

Imagine waking up to this:


“I genuinely thought I’d got frost bite or some other weird infection. I was just sat there, thinking ‘what the fuck is happening?”

“I was Googling all sorts of weird foot infections”

That’s when his wife, Stephanie, noticed his foot and started crying with laughter! Michael wasn’t so relaxed though…

“calm down I don’t know what’s going on here, I’m ready to call NHS 24!”

After nearly dying from laughter, Stephanie finally mentioned the fact that she’d been unable to find her fake tanning mitt and so had decided to use one of his socks instead!

I don’t even use fake tan…but this is a ‘mistake’ that I’m definitely going to make in the future. Apparently it has been done before, too!


You’re* (Yes, I’m one of those people)

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