Witty ‘Shark’ Has The Last Laugh

Everyone knows that mums like to try and protect their kids as much as they can. So when Zack Davis’s mum found a company that sold ‘shark repelling armbands’, she jumped right on that for her ‘surf crazy’ son to protect him from the dangerous shark infested waters….

Quite rightly, Zack thought it would be a good idea to give it a go. So he popped his shark repelling armband on and happy as Larry he went off into the depths of the Ocean.

BTW – The band straps to your arm like a watch and is sold as a device that keep sharks away from swimmers by disrupting the electro receptors they use to navigate. Yeah right!!!

Erm ….. I think it would be a good time to point out, that in Zack’s many years of surfing, he has never once been attacked or approached by the dangerous predator. But hey … there’s always time!




Suddenly … the attack took place.

Speaking to CBS12 Zack said – “I felt it hit because my hand was on the sand and I was getting turned by the wave. I felt it grab on for 2-3 seconds and I came up out the water and it was like I just got bitten.”

“It was shocking. It wasn’t really painful. Honestly, I wasn’t really in pain. I was just like, ‘oh my gosh I need to do something with this quick’. So I just took my leash from my board and wrapped it around my arm because I didn’t want to lose any blood.”

Well what a bloody brave lad you are Zack! Id have probably passed out through the shock and got gobbled all up – so rather you than me.

Luckily Zack managed to get away from the nasty big fish, but had to have 44 stitches in his arm after the attack.



His mother was obviously very worried about her son, but also understandably totally pissed off with the company she brought the shark repellent off!

She brought the device as a present for Zack for Christmas and wants a full refund!

I would go for a bit of compensation as well if truth be told! Zack was very lucky – but in reality, that shark could have had his whole arm off! Greedy bas*ard!

The creator of the ‘shark banz’ is yet to comment on the incident – obviously!! He’s probably gone into hiding!

Zack’s mum paid $80 dollars for the piece of equipment that seemed to attract the predator as opposed to keep it away! What a shit device!

A little tip for the avid surfers out there …. just carry on by yourself like Zack had done for years before the attack!

This device is clearly more of a hindrance than a help! Hey…. Happy Tuesday  :-)



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