Woman Banned For Life On Buses After Constantly Farting…

This is just brilliant.

It has been reported that a woman has been banned from travelling with a Bradford bus company after she kept farting in their vehicles. Known as Yolande Pogba, aged 48, she bent over whilst breaking wind to create “maximum impact” and even managed to make the driver sick- due to the foul stench.

Image: The Daily Mail/Ross Parry

Image: The Daily Mail/Ross Parry

Several sources have said that Yolanda boarded a bus packed with people, and then shouted “Some bastard has squashed a Frog” as she farted extremely loud.

Over the past few months, it has been understood that 148 separate incidents were reported in relation to Yolanda Pogba’s dirty habit.

When questioned in court, her representative simply said:

“My client is addicted to Jamaican Rum and kidney beans and unfortunately this brings out the worst in her personality and makes her bottom talk”.

Image: Wikimedia

Image: Wikimedia

If you want the full details, it gets a lot worse…

Towards the end of June, Yolanda managed to force her way into the drivers cab, and farted with her hands cupped- ensuring that the driver was forced to smell it until he was sick.

Lads, If you are looking for a dirty girl, I’ve just found her for you.

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