Woman changes Fiancé’s car into a Chicken Nugget!

Right, so I know we’re all excited about McDonald’s providing a delivery service next year…but this is a step too far.


Reality TV shows have been ridiculously popular over the last decade, one of which being Pimp My Ride.

The TV show in question, however, relies on a different formula. As opposed to Pimp My Ride in which people choose to have their own car changed into something actually pretty good, ‘Carjacker’ (arriving in 2017) sees people play pranks on their mates by having a team of ‘car experts’ steal that person’s car and changing it in to something awful.


This is where Sarah from Barnsley comes in. Her logic was: my fiancé, Dan, likes chicken nuggets, therefore, he’d probably like his car to look like a chicken nugget. Faultless.


Don’t get me wrong, I love chicken nuggets as much as the Chicken Connoisseur…but I’m perfectly fine leaving them to be the midnight feast of a drunk me, rather than my bloody car! Have a look at this atrocity:

img_0033 img_0035

Dan initially thinks that his car has been stolen, until he is hit with and confused by the non-existent catchphrase “you’ve been Carjacked”. He’s probably wishing that it was stolen.

What I love about this the most is her reaction after getting the car back!


“This is just embarrassing”…of course it is, Sarah! You’re driving around in a chicken nugget through the middle of Barnsley! How did you think it would go?!?

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