Woman Has Massive “Period Explosion” In Central London…

This is probably the most ego-reducing event that could happen to any woman. Having been with many girls myself, I know that they aren’t exactly a fan of being “on the blob”. But unfortunately for all you ladies, I’m afraid it’s a natural part of life.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

I remember when I was back in high school and loads of girls would fake being on their period so that they could escape PE or get out of class for 20 minutes. At the time, us guys thought that having a period was a luxury as they could escape lessons with no questions asked. But as Trollstation showed Piccadilly Circus their new prank, it came to light that being on your period isn’t exactly a luxury.

In the video, it shows a woman walking around asking strangers for a “luxury tampon”.

“See, you men don’t have to go through this. You men are so lucky. You’re not like us women, we have to go through this every month!”

After screaming in pain for a bit, the woman proceeds to unleash masses of fake blood down her skirt in full public view. As expected, many members of the public looked on in disgust.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

What a brilliant video!

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