Woman takes 7 minutes and 18 Attempts to Park Tiny Car

What did the Jamaican do when he saw a Space Man?…he parked in it, Man.

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for that opening line… Secondly, I’d like to introduce you to one of the worst attempts to try to park ever.


I’m not even good at parking. For someone who’s lived in London their whole life, I see a huge space but carry on if there’s the tiniest bit of traffic behind me. I’ll always claim that “there’s a better one up there though”.

A man in Guildford was having some KFC for lunch when he witnessed this monstrosity. As you do. Probably trying to be a classier version of the Connoisseur himself…It’s all about ‘Morleys’, ‘QFC’ and ‘DFC’ mate, you know, the ones that can’t say ‘chicken’ in their names in case of false advertising.


Lee, 36, gave a running commentary while he watched:

“I’ve never seen anything like it. She doesn’t do women drivers any favours by trying to park like that”.

She carried on for 7 MINUTES. 7 Minutes. I’d give up even before I’d tried I spose, so fair play to her.

“She keeps opening her door and looking out to see how far she is instead of using her mirrors and windows which is what normal drivers seem to think they are for”.

“Her passenger seemed really embarrassed as if she was saying get me the hell out of this car”.

LOL. You can understand why, watch the full video below, if you have the patience.

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