X-Factor Success for the Bromley Boy – but it looks like the bookies already knew!

And the winner of X-Factor 2016 is Matt Terry! Ooh Ooh Ooooooh… go Terry!

The pretty boy from Bromley really blew the audience out the water tonight with not one, not two, but three massive songs, including his outstanding performance of Sam Smith’s Bond theme ‘Writing’s on the wall’! What a chief you are Matty boy! And clearly the audience just absolutely love him. Quite frankly … so do I. Free for a date when you are Matt – just give us a little tinkle and if you’re lucky, I’ll let you take me for a hot choccy! Get your paws off Scherzinger. I know your game! And you’ve already given poor Matt Terry a face full of purple lyrca muff!!

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It really was tough for the Bromley boy tonight as he was battling against the outstanding Finnish pop singer and songwriter, Saara Aalto. Aalto mesmerized the crowd with her absolute belter of a voice and more so with her peculiar, but equally, rather exciting song choice – Bjork’s ‘Oh So quiet’.
Wouldn’t have been my choice Saara – but then again, I’m tone deaf and you’re the runner up of the X-Factor 2016, so who cares.



Although tonight was a wowzer of a show for us all, it turns out that the bookies knew weeks ago that Terry was the favorite to win. You cheeky so and so’s – if only you’d told us!

Finnish singer Saara Aalto was the bookies favourite to win the competition on Saturday evening, with the odds at 2/5 but has seen her price drift back out to 6/5 after avid betters supported Matt Terry back into 4/6 from 9/4 overnight. Wowzers Terry!! I can safely say my purse is £220 heavier thank you, you little sausage.

The audience and nation saw our Bromley Boy drop to his knees tonight as they shouted his name as the champion and winner of the X-Factor 2016 and I must say, there was not a dry eye in sight in this household.

Well done Matt Terry!! Here’s to a top notch career – just don’t follow in the footsteps of Matt Cardle! Matt who?


IMAGE: The Mirror

IMAGE: The Mirror

Article by Leanne Smelt for The Wall of Comedy.

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