YouTube’s Stupid New Policy Means That A Lot Of YouTubers Could Get Wiped Out…

The relationship between YouTube and its content creators is undoubtably at an all time low. After YouTube halted monetisation on some videos due to “unfriendly content”, many YouTubers have shown their outrage towards the viewing platform.

After reading through YouTube’s new policy, I gotta admit that it’s absolute bulls*t. In a recent video, DeFranco stated that although YouTube own the platform, this move will be extremely detrimental. He said:

“By taking away the ability to monetise a video where you’re saying things that they don’t deem ‘okay,’ that’s been described as censorship with a different name. Because if you do this on the regular and you have no advertising, it’s not sustainable.”

Here’s the full video:

The majority of channels facing a possible purge from YouTube tend to be ones showing graphic content and violence. However, gaming pages are also facing threats from the platform:

Only time will tell what happens. But this shall be interesting…

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